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Get your own private Magic and Comedy Show at your event. Professional magician Peter Jakobsen makes you WONDER and LAUGH

Magic and comedy

Peter performs in English with a unique combination of sleight of hand and sleight of tongue. Peter involves the audience, talking with them, treating them as friends, making them laugh and wonder.

Should I do magic for your party? 

My name is Peter and I have performed at over 6000 parties - just like the one you are having soon. I love magic and parties, and I would love to come to your party or event. It is a very flexible magic show, which fits perfectly to where you are sitting. The entertainment itself is a mix of magic, comedy and active involvement of the audience. My mission is that everyone should have an unforgettable experience and laugh as much as possible together.

peters agentur

International agency

Peter is one of a small, exclusive group of Danish artists with an international agency. Scarlett-entertainment books Peter as a Comedy Magician for foreign companies. In Denmark, Peter can be booked directly through his website here.

Great entertainment

The entire evening passed incredibly well and we do not at all doubt, that it was thanks to your great entertainment, that very quickly got people together and inspired laughter. We didn't know anything about you before, but we must say you surprised us with your talent of coordinating illusions and your stand-up skills.


Christmas Party

They completely surrendered....

There were some who felt kind of negative about the idea that we had hired a magician, to entertain us. But many seconds of your show had not passed, before you changed their negative attitude. They completely surrendered, -this is a skill I know is very hard, but also a skill I know you have. -Talented

AC Nielsen-AIM

Christmas Party

 extraordinary entertainment 

Thank you for your extraordinary entertainment at the private hospital Hamlet’s Christmas dinner. Everybody is still talking about the humorous and good magician. The laughing muscles didn’t stand still at any second, while you were on. You really took us by surprise with your incredible tricks. How does he do it…? For all who want professional entertainment we will highly recommend this, where the magic and humour is in top class.

The private hospital Hamlet

Christmas dinner

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what other companies experienced

It was an incredibly entertaining show, you presented at our company party. Our receptionist Jette is still talking about you, and especially about the encore you did afterwards in the bar, where you
got a card with her name on it to get stuck at the ceiling – that
really got to her.

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Your show hit right on the spot, which is not always a matter of course, when you are entertaining guests from over 20 different nations. A fantastic show!


Stand-up comedy of format combined with genius tricks and hanky-panky, or was it the opposite? Big applause to Peter Jakobsen for his outstanding and exiting show. And it was – as they say in showbiz – a tough act to follow

 Hartmann A/S

 a hugely successful evening

Peter Jakobsen showed tremendous insight, creativity and professionalism in translating our needs for a customised magic show, designed to help illustrate some of the principles of coaching, into a hugely successful evening. Peters skill, humour and the interactive nature of the workshop was highly appreciated.


The best we have ever had

I can only tell you that everyone thought your show was fantastic. Some good keywords: Fantastic show. A good laugh. Good contact with the spectators. Good handle of their and the volunteer's response. Not at all egocentric. The best entertainment we have ever had.


Who is Peter Jakobsen?

He is a magician even though audience often thinks he is a comedian. Peter proudly hold on to being a magician and is considered to be one of the most skilled magicians in Scandinavia.

Besides technical skills he is known for his ability to make any audience feel special and make any spectator laugh. Peter’s special style is his talent of improvising with the audience.

Tryllekunstner Peter Jakobsen

Lyder det som noget for jer? 

Kontakt Peter! Få prisen til jeres fest og hør om han er ledig


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